Growing Hope with Kathryn C Lang

It all begins with hope.

I am a hopesmith – sharing, encouraging and uplifting others (and often myself) through words in all forms. I understand that it is all about relationships, and so I seek opportunities to create and grow relationships. Through relationships, I can discover the courage and share the courage that is necessary for pushing forward.

I realize that it is not all about me – although I am the only one that can determine my success. Without being willing to help you, I will never each my own success. It is by focusing on others that I become all that I am designed to be.

I know that if I want to do something then I have to be willing to do something. It would be nice to have a magic bean or a pill to make it all a reality. The simple truth is that it – no matter what that it may be – requires that I take the action to make it so.

And it all comes back to hope. HOPE offers the foundation for building relationships, growing dreams and developing possibilities.

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