The 3 Future Wars and the Role Players in Bible Prophecy

Wars , Central Players and Their Vision

According to the Bible, the world’s next 3 Major wars will come from the Middle East. Who are the central players in the Middle East and what is their vision for the future?

The Gog and Magog War ~ Ezek 38 and 39
The 6th Trumpet War or WW3 ~ Rev 9
And The Final Battle, the Battle of Armageddon ~ Rev 16

Countries in God’s End Time Master Plan

Countries that will play a Large Role in God’s End Time Master Plan!

Main Player ~ Israel, the Women with the 12 Stars
Israel the Prophetic time Clock of God.

To monitor the End times or to know where we are in the Time Line of Bible Prophecy we need to keep our Eye on Israel daily. 6 major events in the Prophecy Time line still need to be fulfilled before the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ and or The End of this Age at the Battle of Armageddon.

1st The War of Gog and Magog
2nd The Coming of the Jewish Messiah / Antichrist
3rd The Approval to Build the 3rd Jewish Temple
4th The Birth of the Country of Palestine
5th The Abomination of Desolation. When the Jewish Messiah / Antichrist stops the daily sacrifices in the newly build 3rd Jewish Temple.
6th The Fleeing of Jews in Judea (New Palestine), the saving by the Eagle Wings, and the seal and protection of that group of Jews during the Great Tribulation.

America as the Eagle Wings has a large role to play in the End times as the only friend to Israel. Daniel 7 and Rev 12.

Russia has 3 Roles to Play in Bible Prophecy , 1st as the King of the North , battling some Countries in the Middle East like The King of the South = Saudi Arabia .

The Gog of Gog and Magog , and the balance Battling Israel just before the 7 Year Peace Agreement.

And the Bear with the 3 Ribs in his mouth of the Beast of Daniel 9.

Iran called Magog will be the instigator of the Gog and Magog war against Israel about the Oil Fields of the Golan Heights, Israel taken from Syria in the 1967, in the 6 day war.

UK England – The Mouth of the Lion.

England was and will remain the Mouth Piece for the Old and New World order. In Daniel 7 England was the Lion with the Eagle Wings, and The Eagle Wings detached from the Lion on Independence Day 4 of the 7th Month, America the Eagle Wings in Daniel 7 v 4
England will be The Spokes person of the Final World Order during the Last 7 Years on Earth, Together with California, Germany and EU Countries, England and the Countries that remained with the United Nations.

Germany – The Leopard with the 7 Heads

Germany is the current leader of the Europe Union. Was and will still remain part of the Old and New World Order. With 7 Main Countries that follow them.

And then a new player will emerge , The Republic of California – The Little Horn and The Feet of the Bear

The Base of the Last New World Order that will be in control for the last 7 Years Prior to the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, the Rapture and the Battle of Armageddon.

The United Nations – The Beast with the steel teeth and the 10 Horns.

UN is the Current World Order, but soon will have to restructure as Bible Prophecy confirms an AMexit . America leaving the UN and standing with Israel!

Jordan – The New World Order Free Wilderness.

Jordan Petra and Oman the place of safety for the 144 000 Sealed Jews.
Several Other Smaller Countries will play small roles like Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq and Larger Countries with small roles to Like China, India and Brazil. All members of the Gog and Magog Army.

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