The Danger of the Christian Zionist False Religion Movement

The Christian Zionist movement is the result of an aberrant theology, and is dangerous on several fronts:

it tends to distract and confuse true believers in a vast segment of worldwide evangelicalism;
it tends to obscure the true message of the gospel from the Jewish people, by presenting to them a false dichotomy which demands that they forfeit the Abrahamic promises if they should come to Christ

it tends towards greater doctrinal confusion and heresy, which has been seen even in the most respected and influential leaders of the movement, and not just on the radical fringe;

It Tends toward speeding up the End Times by pushing and Creating Biblical Prophecies not yet Fulfilled and it tends to work against the preservation of peace in the Middle East, by obstinately refusing any sort of compromise.

Any movement that has such a destructive potential, and that has in fact already had many such harmful effects, is no small issue. Perhaps it is time for the leaders of the worldwide Church to present a united front of opposition to a very widespread and alarming threat. But its to Late now .

For the Trump Administration is fully rooted in this False Doctrine . From the Vice president of the US Mike Pence , The secretary of State and the Senior advisers of President Trump is Christian Zionist supporters , They Currently Have control of America and using Donald Trump in Pushing Bible Prophecy fulfillment by supporting Israel.

We have seen this during the 1st two Years of the Trump Administration rule.

The Next action this Christian Zionist Administration will declare will be to acknowledge the Property right Israel has over the Golan Heights and this will be the last nail in the coffin for the Gog and Magog War!

The Christian Zionist Movement / USA Administration in the Control of the US White House ultimate plan is . to Push Israel in accepting a Jewish Messiah from the Ranks of the US Government like Donald Trumps Son in Law , Jared Kushner the Husband of Ivanka Trump and Senior Adviser to Pres. Trump.