“COEXIST” the Antichrist Fake Peace Plan

“Coexist” the Antichrist Fake Peace Plan, One World Religion.

Definition of Coexist means to exist at the same time or in the same place.
or (of nations or peoples) exist in harmony despite different ideologies or interests.

A belief system which claims tolerance, but is itself a doctrine of absolute belief that all religions are ultimately equal, despite that this violates the law of non-contradiction. (Ironically, many people who espouse the COEXIST dogma also try to use the law of non-contradiction, by citing alleged contradictions in books such as the Quran or the Bible.)

Typically, believers in COEXIST will attempt to impose this belief on any systems which declare contrary absolute doctrine, such as conservative Christians and Muslims. Also, most COEXIST believers do not consciously realize the illogic and self-contradiction in an absolute belief which declares there are no absolute beliefs.
We all pray to the same God.

Children of God that believes in the Trinity should not get involve with this false Religion group.

The Christians link to this group is all fallen away Christians that has no relationship with Jesus, His Farther God all Mighty and in living with the Holy Spirit.

All the religions joining this group has satan as their god.

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