The reason for Deaths from the Delta Variant

The Holy Spirit woke me up this morning at 3 am , with the Message : The Covid Lock-down rules and regulations are sinning against the Holy Spirit when it comes to death and the grieving process. In my 1st article : The Demonic Fear of Dying of Covid 19 are the Root Cause of Dying of Covid 19

The Demonic Fear of dying of Covid 19

we saw the reason for dying of Covid 19 = Demonic Fear that grips the person – but the Rules and Regulations around Covid 19 Lock-downs are opening a new can of worms when it get’s to the Grieving process around the death of a Loved one. The Role of the Comforter = The Holy Spirit are blocked by these rules and regulations: why Pastor : With the Lock-down Rules , When somebody are in Hospital with Covid 19 , no loved ones are allowed and 90 % plus of Covid death the Person dies alone and the Loved ones never received closure with the Death for there was no final goodbye’s. This stop the Grieving process and Limits the Holy Spirit to come with the Healing process of Comfort – Blocking the Comforter – With more rules and regulations due to the Lock-down . Limited funeral attendance and stopping after tears gatherings are the final nail in the coffin of No Closure after death of a loved one and blocking the comforter totally – This is one of the ways to sin against the Holy Spirit – and this a unforgiving sin ! If we do not let the person grief in a proper way – this will cause Allergies – More about this in this article : The spiritual reasons behind allergies :

Allergies – The biggest lies of the devil!

NOW too get too the Holy Spirits warning : Due to the Blockage of a Proper Grieving process due to the Lock down restrictions by governments this caused people to contract the new variant of the Covid 19 – The Delta Variant – The Delta Variant is nothing but the common Hay Fever Virus , that you receive due to improper grieving around the death of a loved one, the Main allergy you receive when the Comforter = The Holy Spirit is not allowed to handle the grieving process – I say it again – The Delta Variant of Covid 19 = ( Hay Fever Virus ) and the Death surrounding it is, due to the rules and restrictions around Hospital attendance when your loved one is dying , due to attendance regulations numbers , not attending the funeral of a loved one and not allowed to have After tears meetings as family and friends : This causes the spiritual reasons behind allergies like Hay Fewer and more . How can we fix this Pastor Dirk ? well 1st ly to stop letting the demon of fear grip us ! 2nd ly we need the Holy Spirit to comfort us on the death of a loved one by praying this PRESCRIPTION prayer from Heaven


OOK Beskikbaar in Afrikaans

Gebed vir Vertroosting

Delta Variant Virus = Hay Fever comes via the Nose and Eyes . BEST OF ALL , masks does not help against the delta variant of Covid 19 – Parts of the body affected by allergies are:
• Nose (Allergic Rhinitis) – hayfever
• Eyes (Conjuctivitis) – hayfever
• Skin – rashes, atopic dermatitis, hives, urticaria (which is an eruption of itching wheals), eczema.
• Stomach and intestines (Food allergy) – vomiting, cramps and diarrhea.
• Lungs – asthma.
A life threatening reaction called anaphylaxis can occur where the person can’t breathe because the airways get blocked by swelling of the tissues.
How An Allergy Develops (Type 1 Hypersensitivity Reaction) There are seven words in Proverbs 17 v 22 that are the insight into all allergies. Proverbs 17 v 22: “A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” (Amplified Bible).
Right here in the Bible it says that a broken spirit dries the bones. It doesn’t say a soul, it says a broken spirit. Here we can see a connection between the health of the human spirit and the health of the bones.
Now think with me through this: “What is drying of the bones?” I suppose we could think of osteoporosis which is deterioration or weakening of the bones due to loss of calcium and bone density. But we are not talking about osteoporosis, we’re talking about allergies. In Proverbs 14 v 30 it says that envy and jealousy
cause rottenness of the bones which is what osteoporosis is. But we are not talking about rotting of the bones, we are talking about drying of the bones. So if it is not osteoporosis, what is left? Bone marrow!

Now what is in bone marrow? In the marrow is the origin of your blood: your blood is manufactured in your bone marrow. Your blood consists of red and white blood cells. In allergies you don’t have anemia which is a lack of red blood cells – the red blood cells are ok. So what is left? White bloods cells which is what makes up the immune system. When you have a weakened immune system you have a lowered number of white cells in your blood. Drying of the bones means a weakened immune system.