The Demonic Fear of dying of Covid 19

The Demonic Fear of Death ! In History , In our Generations we had two Illnesses that generated a demonic fear when diagnosed . 1. Cancer 2. Heart Attack . People including Christians tend to Go into a state of Fear of death when they learn that one of thees are happening in their Bodies . a Demonic Fear of death then takes over AND THIS the root cause of death and not the Cronic Illness – Now in our generation a 3rd Illness received this same demonic Fear of dying – Called diagnosed with Covid 19 . The reason and Cause for all 3 of these Illnesses are born from this demonic fear spirits called , stress , anxiety and Fear itself . Due to Fear for these Feared Illness , our Immune Systems becomes nil and Void and that what we feared about comes our why ! 86 % of Cancers start when stress , anxiety and Fear come into our lives because of relationship breaks with God , Ourselves and Others . hate , bitterness and UNForgiveness are the main culprits . The demonic Fear for Covid 19 is the main cause for peoples immune systems to collapse and then they get covid 19 . FEAR the Nr 1 Sign of the End Times – and the Main reason for a poor Immune System in your Body

Something from the TruLight Doctor ! When you sincerely make your peace with God and learn to trust fully in Him, when you make peace with yourself and with others – you will have a healthy immune system. When you deal with the issues that are stressing you out and get the fear and anxiety out of your thought life, the stress hormones such as cortisol will no longer be produced. Therefore the police man interleukin 2 will be able to function properly again. The cells of the immune system will be able to re-multiply and come back to full strength. God has created your immune system to be so strong that a cancer cell or any Virus of any size, no matter how far it has spread will be totally destroyed and literally eaten up by the CD8 killer T cells until the tumor is completely gone. However, this is providing your immune system has not been weakened by excessive levels of cortisol because of fear, anxiety, strife, unforgiveness and/or bitterness upstream in your thought life.

In essence, if you have a healthy immune system, it will recognize a Virus and eat it. So if you have a weakened immune system due too fear, anxiety, strife, unforgiveness and/or bitterness upstream in your thought life it will take over and death can occur. Cancer is one of the most greatly feared words in medicine because it is associated with a death sentence. An article from the New England Journal of Medicine said the following: “Unfortunately when it comes to cancer, society is far from rational. We are possessed with fear. But it is not only a matter of simple fear, Cancer-phobia has expanded into a demonism in which the When a person has a strong, healthy immune system, cancer just does not happen. This is now seen in Covid 19 cases as well . THE RESULT IS THE FEAR anxiety, strife, unforgiveness and/or bitterness IN YOU IS CAUSING YOUR BODY TO PICK UP THE VIRUS ! Job 3 v 25 – 26: “For the thing that I greatly feared has come upon me…” With the diagnosis of Covid 19, comes the fear of death. Fear of death compounds the problem and the devil knows it. As we’ve seen above, fear can destroy your immune system which leaves you with no defense against Covid 19. Fear can set into motion the very thing we are afraid of. We need to be very careful of the fear of Covid 19 !: a New Phrase from TruLight – Total Faith = No Fear = No Covid infection .