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Our Mission – Being the End Time Radio to the World! Shining our Light into all corners of the Globe with the Truth from the Bible.  We are going 24 / 7 from 1st of Feb 2023  , a Gospel Christian Radio Services broadcasting from South Africa to the World!

Note : That its not about us , everything about the Kingdom of God we represent ! everything we do is to Uplift the Kingdom of God since 2014 and everyone at TruLight are humbly standing behind the Cross of Jesus , for its not about US ! Our Accreditation – The Holy Spirit. Our Background – Sinners saved by Grace , Our viewpoint – Heaven

A New Addition to the TruLight Team – Signs Of The Times, We want to make the daily Bible Prophecy in the News and events available, especially now in the Last days, where all the Signs of the times and the Bible Prophecies are now coming true and taking place. https://signsofthetimes.co.za/

TruLight Radio XM Battles daily against the False Doctrines and Teachings of Jesus Only / Oneness Gospel, Hyper Grace, Jehovah Witness, Pre Tribulation Rapture, Climate Change, Christian Zionist Movement, The NAR = The New Apostolic Reformation Movement , God makes you Ill , Evolution, Hebrew Sacred Names Cult AND any divisions of Templar Knights / Knights of Malta. Our Programs and Articles are based on the Biblical Truth standing against these False Doctrines and Teachings.

TruLight Radio XM & TruLight TV Says NO to Covid 19 Vaccine – This Vaccine has proven itself as the Front runner to the Mark of the Beast . Pastor Dirk and his staff and family will not take the Vaccine and are prepared for the consequences surrounding the enforcement of it !

TruLight Radio XM    24/7
GMT / UTC +2
Monday To Fridays

00:15 Words to Live By Testimonies
01.15 Science Scripture and Salvation
02.15 Ground Works
03.15 Sharin’ Hearts (Woman to Woman)
04.00 Gospel Concert of the Day
05.00 The Daren Streblow Comedy Show
5:55 It is Today devotional
6:00 Gaither Homecoming Morning Show
7:15 Discover the Word
8.15 Destined for Victory
8:55 Our Daily Bread
9:00 Holy Spirit Hour – Normally Sermons
10:15 Hope of the Heart
11:15 Unshackled
12:15 Truth for Life 
13:15 Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram
14:15 Focus on the Family
15:00 Kids Hour
16:00 In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
16:30 Groundwork
17:15 Live in the Light
18:15 Renewing your Mind 
19:00 Gaither Homecoming Show
20:15 Growing Hope 
21:15 Adventures in Odyssey Radio Drama
21:45 Bible Reading
22:15 Nightsounds 
23.00  Good Old Country Gospel / Rhema Gospel Express


6:00 Wake up with the Lord
8:15 Principals of Living
9:15 Hope of the Heart
10:15 Dacus Report
11:15 Growing Hope
12:15 Unshackled
13:15 Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram
14:00 Inside Gospel with Frankie Wilson
15:15 Live in the Light
16:15 Renewing my Mind
17:00 The TruLight Top 10 hosted by Dilize Light
18:00 In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
19:00 Gaither Homecoming Show
20:00 God will Provide Testimonies
21:00 The Daren Streblow Comedy Show
21:30 Good Old Country Gospel
21:45 Bible Reading
22:00 Nightsounds 

Programming will Continue 24/7 


6:00 Wake up with the Lord
8:00 Live In The Light
9:00 Program repeats
10:00 Jimmy Swaggart Hour
11:00 Sunday Morning Service
12:00 Hope That Matters
13:00 Sharin’ Hearts (Woman to Woman)
14:00 Gospel Concert of the Week
15:00 Radio Drama Time
18:00 In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
19:00 The Bible Stories (A Visit With Mrs. G)
20:00 Without Reservation
21:00 Afterglow Sunday
21:45 Bible Reading
22:00 Nightsounds 

Programming will Continue 24/7 

TruLight Ministries
From Here to Heaven 


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Our Listeners Countries that Listed Listeners was 135 Countries from the 196 Countries World Wide . God Bless and Thank you for being part of The TruLight Broadcast.
Please support this Ministry with your Continued Prayer and Financial Contribution.

Daniel Light
Sound Engineer
TruLight Radio XM

TruLight Broadcasting Network (Pty) Ltd trading as TruLight Radio XM and its owner and associates take no responsibility for the opinions or statements made by the talk show hosts or their guests. Statements or show topics are not necessarily the beliefs of this site or the radio station and opinions between talk show hosts may conflict. This site does not endorse anything as the truth, that, you will have to judge for yourself, but we try to speak the truth on the owners behalf and reserve the right to question the supposed truth. In this time of misinformation, government controlled media and government corruption, it is sometimes hard to get to the truth, but we must try. It is not our intention to label, discriminate, and make hate, or annoy anyone. We believe that it is our right of Free speech to voice our opinions and our Duty to expose the truth. This site takes no responsibility for the opinions of others in the postings of comments in chat rooms, or forum posts on Facebook, Twitter and What’s app.

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Founding Statement

We believe in the Trinity, that God the Father created Heaven and Earth and us as humans We Believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God, That he died for our sins on the Cross, that He arose on the 3rd day and ascended to Heaven to prepare a place for us. We Believe in the Holy Spirit as the Leading Spirit of God and moves with the 4 Living Beings to Baptism the Children of God in being Spirit Filled. We Believe in Angels, heavenly beings that’s there to serve, protect and assist the Trinity and us the Spirit filled children of God. We Believe we have an enemy – satan and his demons, but him and his friends are under our feet as Spirit filled Children of God. We Believe that sin is the reason for eternal punishment and that satan and his demons will also be punished after the Great White Throne Judgement. We Believe in the gifts of the Spirit given to us by The 7 Spirits of God Lead by the Holy Spirit. and this we will bare the fruits of the Spirit. We Believe in Repentance of Sin, Baptism of Water and Baptism of the Holy Spirit. We Believe that Jesus Christ will come again to collect His bride one day!


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Since our Creator gave us these rights, we declare that no government has the right to take them away. Among these rights is the right to exercise our Christian beliefs as put forth in God’s Holy Bible. We therefore declare that God grants life at conception and no one has the right to take that life unless it is a direct threat to the life of the mother. Marriage was instituted by God between one man and one woman. The Lord gave only this family unit the responsibility to have children and raise them in the fear of the Lord. We therefore respectfully reserve the right to refuse any mandate by the government that forces us to fund or support abortion. We also oppose same sex marriage, polygamy, bestiality, and all other forms of sexual perversion prohibited by Holy Scripture. We proclaim that Jesus has provided the cure for all sin and therefore reach out to the sinner in love, but do not embrace the sin, knowing its destructive nature. Therefore, we, the undersigned—not only as Christians but also believing we have the constitutional right as South Africans to follow these time honored Christian beliefs—commit to conducting our churches, ministries, businesses, and personal lives in accordance with our Christian faith and choose to obey God rather than man. The Ownership of TruLight Broadcasting Network (Pty) Ltd

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