Pastoor Dirk – Jode Haat gaan beheer word op Social Media !

Oggend Boodskap 9 Jan 2020
Pastoor Dirk – Jode haat word christen Haat

Trump envoy calls on social media companies to target anti-Semitism
Elon Carr tells religious freedom commission that Facebook, Twitter can shut down anti-Semitic content by enforcing their own terms of use.

Trump and His administration is Pro Doctrine of Demons called Christian Zionist . Trump and his Christian Zionist Movement Administration are not working for the American Citizen , they are working for the Kabbalah Zionist Movement of Israel , called by God as the Sodom and Egypt Movement with their Dual Covenant introduced to Trump and his administration by False Prophet Pastor John Haggee

The Christian Zionist Movement

The Antichrist will come from the Christian Zionist Movement of America