Brain Tumors in Children

Discussion on Specific common types of Cancers In the following few Week Dr. Michelle Strydom MD – will handle all Tipes of Cancer on this Website – This Part 2 of ” The Doctor Says – The Bible Says – Brain Tumors in Children. Please note that you have to read Part 1. to understand Part 2.

On top of the issues discussed in the background to cancers in general, some cancers have very specific spiritual roots behind them which are explained on the following pages. I cannot discuss all the different types of cancer as there just isn’t the time and space.
Therefore I have mainly discussed the most common cancers. Furthermore, when it comes to cancer, I do not have all the answers. I am still learning and hopefully will have more information in further editions of this book. However the background to cancers in general in Part 1 is relevant to most cancers and soon I will explain how to deal with the issues behind cancer, regardless of what type of cancer it is.

Brain Tumors in Children

Please make sure that you have read the background of cancer in general in Part 1
which has essential background knowledge. The ministry of Pastor Henry Wright has documented evidence of brain tumors in children disappearing through dealing with the spiritual roots behind it.

According to new research a virus that infects about 65% of children by the age of 14 may play a role in the development of the most common type of malignant brain tumor found in the young. This is called the JC virus. It is a viral group called the Neurotrophic Polyoma Viruses. It typically infects the upper respiratory system with airborne particles the same way as the common cold. It is very common: 65 to 70% of human populations world-wide are infected with this virus by the age of 14, so we all basically have this virus in our bodies. The virus causes no disease [no cancer, no tumors even in children] unless a patient’s immune system is weakened or destroyed

Most of the time children with brain tumors have an inherited genetic defect. I explained in the background of cancer in general that a genetic defect can be set in motion by a virus. I also explained that cancer is able to develop when the immune system is destroyed. The immune system can be destroyed The condition for a miracle is not difficulty, but impossibility by high levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol. Children can be born with damaged immune systems.

This is caused by mothers who had high levels of stress hormones during pregnancy due to a conflict in their marriage, their lives or in their homes. Recent research has shown that there is a “cortisol wash” that flushes the baby’s brain with this stress hormone in the birth canal. It damages the baby’s immune system immediately upon birth. Because the immune system is compromised, the virus is able to set the genetic defect into motion and a brain tumor begins to develop.

If you have had a child with a brain tumor, please do not allow the devil to use this information as an accusation to bring you under judgment and condemnation. Guilt and condemnation is from the devil and it doesn’t solve the situation, it will just cause you more health problems. Furthermore if you get into offense, it will blind you to the truth in the principles that I want to share. The problem is that as Hosea 4 v 6 says, we perish for lack of knowledge.

Therefore I have to teach these principles – I can’t avoid telling you the truth because it may upset you. The information in this book is intended to reveal the plans and strategies of the enemy so that he can no longer rob you through your ignorance. So rather than responding to this message by being offended or going into guilt and condemnation, I encourage you to rather be grateful for this knowledge and insight because now you know what the problem is and what needs to be dealt with.

In the chapter on genetically inherited diseases I mentioned that there have been testimonies where the parents came before God and repented of the sin behind the disease and the children were often instantly healed of diseases without prayer for healing even occurring on their behalf. When the curse is broken on that level, it is amazing to see God’s provision and healing for children that are not yet at the age of understanding.

The Bible says that children are sanctified by the believing parents.
1 Corinthians 7 v 14: “For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean, but now they are holy.” KJV

Part 3 – Lung Cancer – Next Article –

Deal with the issues behind Cancer

Each of these chapters that I refer you to bring to light an issue that needs to be dealt with in order to defeat cancer. I recommend that you just deal with it one issue at a time. It is like peeling an onion – remove one layer at a time and when you get to the centre, the flavor (your healing) will be released.

1. The Bible says that when we hate our brother, even when we speak against our brother with our tongue, we are a murderer (1 John 3 v 15). Under the law the penalty of murder was death. Now we can understand why the spirit of death is on the loose in cancer. If you want to get rid of cancer, it is essential that you get rid of the un-forgiveness and bitterness in your life.

2. You have got to get fear, anxiety and stress out of your life – and that includes strife!

3. There are many types of cancer associated with varying degrees of self-hatred and guilt. Building a healthy self-esteem comes from knowing who you are in Christ and placing your identity and sense of self worth in Him. You need to see yourself as God sees you. The chapter on page 498 will help you in this area.

4. In getting rid of bitterness, fear, anxiety, stress and/or a low self-esteem, guilt and self-hatred out of your thought life, you need to apply the 10 principles in the chapter on page 544. These principles are critically important in dealing with cancer – please pay very close attention to them.

5. Remember that you also need to deal with the genetically inherited component of cancer by repenting for the sins of your fathers.

6. Sometimes with cancer you need to be prepared to remove viruses (spirits of infirmity), the spirit of death and the spirit of fear – this has to be dealt with through deliverance

I recommend that you deal with this issue with the help of a Pastor or somebody who is in spiritual authority over you. The spirit of fear, the spirit of infirmity and the spirit of death needs to be cast out.

7. There are some organs and body tissue that are irreversibly damaged by cancer. This damaged tissue and the genetic defects causing cancer need to be ministered to by operating in the gift of miracles.

You need to speak a creative miracle into being where in Jesus’ Name you need to command that body tissue and the genes to be made whole and perfect just as God created it from the foundation of the world. T“You Can’t Always Do It Alone”.

8. It is also important for you to read through the chapter called “When It’s Time To Kick The Bucket”. This is because a limited life span is associated with the diagnosis of cancer and you need to understand why your time on earth is not yet up and even if it is, God does not need a disease to get you to heaven.

Finally – Pray with Me

After reading these chapters that I have referred you to, I encourage you to speak out the following in faith and with authority: “In Jesus Name I take authority over the spirit of fear that came in through a breech in my relationships, I take authority over the spirits of bitterness, the spirit of infirmity and the spirit of death. I break your power and I command you to go and to be cast out of my life and the generations in my family in the Name of Jesus!

I sever the lifeline to this tumor which is the blood vessels that it’s feeding on to supply itself – I command it to dry up and dissolve in the Name of Jesus! I release myself from sadness and despair. I take authority over the spirit of heaviness that has attached itself to me and break its power, in the Name of Jesus – be gone! Father I ask you to heal my broken heart (Isaiah 61 v 1) and I open my
heart to receive your joy and perfect love which casts out all fear (1 John 4 v 18).

All the insecurities and the fears that are causing cortisol to be released – be gone in Jesus Name! I speak a blood transfusion into my bone marrow. I command my immune system and interleukin 2 to be restored and come back to full strength. I give my immune system and interleukin 2 an assignment to identify.

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