When we do not allow the Holy Spirit to comfort us after the death of a loved one or break in a relationship! Then the body goes into shock and causes Allergy in the Body! To get rid of the bondage in your life, the Lord has given us two useful tools. The Consolation Prescription prayer and consolation music. I had to pray the prayer myself before I started my ministry! I struggled for 3 days to pray the prayer due to the Tears, but with the help of the prayer and Music the Holy Spirit completely comforted me and my allergy was automatically gone! Attached here are both
Broken Heart Healing Mix due to Death in the Family – Jesus Hold my Hand – Jimmy Swaggart Instrumental


Pray this prayer out loud by yourself when you feel heartache and
longing for your loved one.

Every time you do the action “I take it” open the Bible on the relevant
verse and hold the Bible to your chest, just as you would hold your
loved one. Let God’s words heal deep into your heart, soul and spirit.
This very powerful Prayer will only take a few minutes, but expect tears
and emotion, but also expect healing and peace.

The Prayer.

God I come to hide under Your wing of comfort, in the loving and healing
name of Jesus Christ your Son. I confirm my Faith in You God, my
Creator. You know my Mind, body and spirit better than any man. I have
full faith in the Blood of Jesus that is currently flowing over my broken
heart and the comforting and leadership abilities of your Holy Spirit.
Lord I confirm that I already forgave my trespassers. Please forgive me
my sins, Lord.

God in your Word “The Bible” according to Proverbs 4 verse 20 to 22
“Your Word brings Radiant live to my broken Heart”
And according to Hebrews 4 verse 12.

“Your Word is full of living power and sharper than a sharp
knife and cuts deep and heals deep into my Heart, mind and

And according to Deuteronomy 28 verse 22
”Heartache and Loss is under the curse of the law”
But Lord, according to Galatians 3 verse 13
“Jesus redeemed (Healed) me from this curse of the law”

God only give me my daily bread, and build in me, not to worry
about anything, but come to You in prayer with faith and Pray about

With this confirmation I take these Prescription verses given by You
God, for total healing and comforting of my broken heart and

# Lord I take. – C – Jeremiah 8 verse 18
Lord, my grief is not beyond healing, listen to my hearts cry.
I take it, I know it, and I believe it, thank you for listening.

# Lord I take. – O – Psalm 121
My help comes from You Lord, You even watch over me when
I’m asleep.
I take it, I see it, and I believe it, thank you for Your help.

# Lord I take. – M – Isaiah 41 verse 10
God, Your will strengthen me, I will not fear the future.
I take it, I feel it, and I believe it, thank you for the power.

# Lord I take. – F – Psalm 46
God, You are my refuge and strength, You are with me in
times of trouble.
I take it, I feel it, and I believe it, thank you for the refuge.

# Lord I take. – O – Psalm 61 verses 4 & 5
Lord, let me live in Your sanctuary. Beneath Your wings.
I take it, I want to stay there, and I believe it, thank you God.

# Lord I take. – R – Isaiah 38 verses 1 to 8
Lord, You will come and wipe my tears, when I brake down
and cry.
I take it, I feel it, and I believe it, thank you God.

# Lord I take. – T – John 20 verses 19 to 25
Lord, I hear Your voice, “PEACE BE WITH YOU!”.
I take it, I hear it, and I believe it, thank you God.

# Lord I take. – I – Psalm 23 verses 1 to 6
Lord, You are my Sheppard, You lead me to waters of rest.
I take it, I will follow, and I believe it, thank you God.

# Lord I take. – N– Mark 14 verse 26
God, You gave me a song to sing in the darkness.
I take it, I will sing it, and I believe it, thank you God.

# Lord I take. – G– John 14 verses 16 to 18
God, Your Spirit has great COMFORTING powers.
I take it, I feel it, and I believe it, thank you Holy Spirit.

He uplifts my pain and heartache and delivered it to Your throne Lord.
God you uplifted my surprise and are standing next to me right now, You
will never abandon me! You will convert my anger into peace! My fear to
freedom! You will strengthen me! I don’t feel drained anymore!

Lord, You will come and wipe the tears from my face!

Lord, I’m not going to try and act strong, because when I act strong, You
can’t come and comfort me completely! Lord, You know all the languages
all over the World, but there is one language You understand better, the
Language of Tears and Heartache. Thank you for comforting me!

God please convert my sadness to joy, and my sorrow to peace. Release
in me joyfulness and Jesus,
Please release Your power and might of the Gross over my life.
God I praise your name for You are mighty and powerful, I worship You
for Your Majesty and Victories.

God pour Your blessings out over me. Enlarge my territory. Take all of
me under Your protection, Lord. And keep me from any evil. That no
pain and suffering will come my way. God please hear my humble prayer
and grant me my request.

God, You are “Jehovah Jireh” The God, my Provider.

God, You are “Jehovah Shammah” The God, that’s with me always.

God, You are “Jehovah Nissi” The God, my Protector.

God, You are “Jehovah Rafha” The God, my Healer.

Thank you for Your love, Your peace, Your Comfort, Your Healing.
Holy Spirit thank you for being my Leader and Comforter.

I will testify to others about Your providing powers.

God, let Your Will be done in my life. I don’t ask this because I deserve it
or just because, no I ask this only by Your Grace God.

Amen and Amen

Written on consultation and orders from Heavens Consulting Rooms
By Pastor Dirk Flemix

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