The Spiritual Reason Behind Stomach Ulcers

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To understand stomach ulcers, you need to first read through the chapter “How Long Term Fear, Anxiety and Stress Affects Your Body” on this website where there is important background information.

A stomach ulcer occurs when the protective lining of the stomach has been damaged. There is a hole in this protective lining, and the underlying flesh of the stomach wall is exposed to the stomach acid. The function of stomach acid is to help digest the food that you eat. However, when it comes into contact with the flesh of your stomach wall (which is no longer covered by the protective lining), it burns the flesh (which may cause pain), just like pool acid poured onto your arm would burn your skin.

The use of pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. Aspirin, Brufen etc) for a long period of time (more than 10 days), excessive alcohol intake and smoking can damage the protective lining of the stomach which then results in an ulcer. Smoking and alcohol abuse have spiritual roots of their own and are discussed in the chapter on addictions. If you are taking pain killers all the time – what is the reason? Deal with the spiritual roots of the disease that is causing your pain.

However, 75 to 95% of stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori. Over 50% of people have this bacteria in their stomach, but it does not cause an ulcer. This is because your immune system normally protects your body from disease by killing bacteria and other harmful substances before they can cause infections. However there are things that will interfere with your immune system serving you. When your thought life is dominated by fear, anxiety and stress, your body is put into stage 2 and 3 of stress. In this toxic state there are high levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood stream which kills the cells of the immune system and prevents the production of new cells. Now that your immune system is weakened, you have little defence against the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria which is now able to infect the stomach lining resulting in inflammation and an ulcer.

Furthermore, the high levels of cortisol in stage 2 and 3 of stress stimulates an increased production of stomach acid. Cortisol also prevents growth of the protective lining of your stomach. Increased stomach acid and less protective lining in your stomach further contributes to the development of a stomach ulcer.

Treatment of stomach ulcers: Medical drugs are initially necessary because stomach ulcers have dangerous complications such as bleeding which can lead to anaemia and low blood pressure (which can cause you to collapse). The ulcer can rupture (i.e. the hole caused by the H.Pylori bacteria can go through your whole stomach wall) and this is life threatening. Therefore I would recommend you take antibiotics and Omeprazole in the short term to get you into a place of safety, so that you have time to go and deal with the root of the problem which is fear and anxiety in your thought life.

It is necessary to take a 2 week course of 2 different antibiotics to kill the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria.
The antibiotics you must take are:
• Metronidazole (400mg three times a day) and Amoxycillan (500mg three times a day). If you are allergic to penicillin, then take Clarithromycin (250 mg twice a day) instead of Amoxycillan. These antibiotics can only be obtained with a prescription from a doctor.
• You also need to take Omeprazole (20 mg twice a day) for 2 weeks. This will reduce the amount of acid being produced by your stomach.

By killing off the bacteria with the antibiotics and reducing the amount of acid in your stomach, it will give the ulcer a chance to heal. Avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs as these things will aggravate the stomach ulcers.

A word of caution: there are many antacids that are available over the counter that provide relief for the symptoms of stomach ulcers and reflux. I strongly recommend that you don’t take them because they are addictive, in other words you end up taking them all the time. Here’s why: antacids neutralize
your stomach acid which then causes symptomatic relief. However, many of the antacids contain calcium.

Calcium stimulates the pump (called a proton pump) in your stomach wall that produces acid. Therefore in the long term antacids cause an increased production of stomach acid… this can lead to more ulcers… so you take more antacids… which leads to increased production of stomach acid… more ulcers… see the pattern?

Ultimately drugs are not the answer. In the long term, if the spiritual root (fear and anxiety) is not dealt with, the medical drugs are a waste
of time because the ulcers will just keep coming back. Here is a direct quote from one of my medical text books: “After drug therapy that either reduces stomach acid or eradicates H. Pylori, relapse often occurs after 6 to 12 months and apparently the drugs therefore do not change the fundamental course of the disease.” (De K Sommers, Pharmacology, 1st edition pg 329).

Permanent eradication of stomach ulcers requires the removal of fear and anxiety from your thought life. This is so that the stage 2 and 3 stress reaction can be broken. Then the cortisol levels will normalize and the cells of the immune system will be given the opportunity to re-multiply and come back to full strength. Then the immune system will be able to kill the helicobacter pylori bacteria and the stomach lining will be able to heal…and then ulcers are a thing of the past. So turn to page 523 and deal with those issues that are robbing you of your peace.

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