The ACDP a NAR Political Party?

ACDP – The African Christian Democratic Party of South Africa. One of few Christian Parties in the Political field in SA.
Representing the Voice of the Christian in the SA Political arena.

But are they really Voicing the Christian concern ?

It come to our Attention that the ACDP become a Member of The Global Spheres Incorporated (GSI) . GSI is a Member of Glory of Zion International Ministries from USA With Apostle / Knight Chuck Pierce at the head.

Chuck Pierce is a Knight of the Round Table Free Mason Splinter Group of the Lucifer Trust , a Member of the Templar Knights and Knights of Malta and also a Leader in the NAR Movement = The False Doctrine of the New Apostolic Reformation Movement.

The False Doctrine of the New Apostolic Reformation Movement

My Question ?

Is the ACDP a NAR Political Movement ? NAR = New Apostolic Reformation Political Party based on the 7 Mountain Movement Policy of the Knights Templar?

The NAR we know is a False Doctrine.
An the Knights Templar or Knights of Malta a splinter group of the Lucifer Trust.

In 2016 the ACDP Had Apostle Chuck Pierce and His team in Parliament. Chuck Pierce is a Templar Knight and also a Leader at the NAR = New Apostolic Reformation Movement!

NAR Apostle Chuck Pierce

The Templar Knight Chuck Pierce

During a visit to South Africa in March 2016, US apostolic leader Chuck Pierce prophesied that God would redefine SA over a period of six weeks. But we lodge a Counter Prayer action in blocking this Curse from this Knight of the Knights Templar.

In a Special Report, a Gateway News Correspondent, who does not want to be named, reports on the March 11 to 13 visit by the president of Glory of Zion International Ministries and Global Spheres and reflects on his prophetic word for SA.

Apostle Chuck Pierce and his team which included Chad Foxworth, Anne Tate, Melinda Richardson, James Vincent and Allen Faubion, recently visited Cape Town where he ministered on Securing the Land: Revealing the Land. The Global Spheres Incorporated (GSI) meeting was hosted by Apostle Pearl Kupe and Dr Maxwell Holland. Apostle Emmanuel Kure, who is the GSI Ambassador for Africa also ministered over the weekend. Cape Town was chosen as it’s the legislative capital of the nation.

Pierce believes that was a time when God was speaking to nations – taking their past to bring it into the present so their future can be established. The trip started with a leadership meeting of about 100 attendees at the National Parliament in Cape Town, hosted by ACDP MP, Steve Swart and his wife Louise Swart.


As Christian I cannot Vote for a Political Party that houses false Doctrines and Occult Groups. As you clearly saw NAR is not a Biblical Movement and so is The Occult Groups like the Templar Knights and Knights of Malta not Biblical.

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