TruLight Top 10

This is a list of singles that charted in the Global Gospel & The TruLight Radio Top 10. The most popular hit music and trending song of 2018.

Every week on Saturdays afternoon at 17h00 GMT + 2 We count down the Global Gospel Top 10 by sales , and the TruLight Gospel Top 10 by votes.

This Weeks Top 10 Chart Highlights (Update 11 November 2018)
The Global Gospel Top 10 Week 124

Please Note : TruLight Radio XM does not support hillsong music due to there involvement in the NAR Movement.This include the Musicians and bands that is part of the Movement like ,
Hillsong , Bethel and Jesus Culture.
The TruLight Radio Top 10 Week 124

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The Global Gospel Top 10 Playlist

The TruLight Radio Top 10 Playlist

TruLight Top 10

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