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Mondays to Fridays
5:55 It is Today devotional
6:00 Gaither Homecoming Morning Show
7:00 Learn the Bible in a Year
7:15 Discover the Word
7:30 Destined for Victory
7:55 Our Daily Bread
8:00 Inside Gospel with Frankie
9:00 Focus on the Family Minute
9:05 Holy Spirit Hour / Heilige Gees Uur
10:00 Classical Conversations on Home-schooling
10:05 Wandel met God / Die Bron van ons Lewe met Dr. Ben Booyens
10:30 Afrikaanse Dagstukkies verskeie Predikers
11:00 Nuwe Hoop met Dr. Hennie Brits
11:30 Words to Live By Testimonies
11:55 International Gospel
12:15 From His Heart or Growing Hope with Kathryn C Lang
12:55 Legal Edge
13:15 Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram
13:45 By the Blood of the Lamb. Testimonies
13:55 Speak the Word
14:05 License to Parent
14:20 Focus on the Family / Global and TruLight Top 10
14:55 Uncommon Moments
15:00 Kids Hour
16:15 In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
16:45 Ground Works
17:00 TruNews on TruLight Radio XM
18:00 Principals of Living
19:00 Gaither Homecoming Show
20:00 Dr.Irvin Baxter – End of the Age
21:15 LampLighter Radio Drama Episodes
22:00 Bible Reading / End of Transmission


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