The coming Revival It will not be a Mass Baptism of People in Churches and Mega Churches . This Revival and Last outpouring of the Holy Spirit will happen ONE to ONE ,

We are currently living in the Last Church dispensation Called the Church of the Human Rights . The Only way to not offend somebodies Rights is when they give you permission to share the Good News of Jesus Christ after you revealed secrets of the Heart with Prophecy from the Holy Spirit.

The Revival and The Baptism of the Holy Spirit this new Movement ” Empowered21 ” where they want to force a revival and Holy Spirit Baptism of the Entire World will not take place , the way they are planning and scheming. Simply because we are in the church of laodicea time period , the Church of Human Rights . and the other reason is they are combining all False Doctrines together in One Group and the Holy Spirit will not Baptize somebody that believe in a False Doctrine or Altered Gospel.

The Holy Spirit only come to Groups when we are in One Accord , Believing the same Gospel , The True Gospel that the Bible Supports .

This Movement ” Empowered21 ” is opening the door for a False unholy spirit to enter the Church and its Members. and is dangerous to be part of this Group!

When will the Last Revival and Baptism of the Holy Spirit Happen?

When will the Last revival Take Place ?

Pentecostals and Charismatics form global governing groups – Empowered21

A group of charismatic, neo-charismatic, pentecostal and neo-pentecostal leaders met in the US and the World to form another council called Empowered21.

The idea for the over 500 leaders gathered is to network under leadership of 11 regional councils or ‘cabinets’.

Here is a list of key world wide leaders. I use world wide hesitantly, most are wealthy US mega-church or para-church leaders with strong religious right leanings.

The False Doctrine of the New Apostolic Reformation NAR leadership has been embraced like white on rice.

The False Doctrine of the New Apostolic Reformation Movement

The Global Council attendees at this initial meeting include co-chairs Jack Hayford (Jack Hayford Ministries, USA)
and Billy Wilson (International Center For Spiritual Renewal, USA),
Charles Blake (Church of God In Christ, USA),
Isak Burger (Apostolic Faith Mission, South Africa),
Doug Anderson (representing Dr. Glenn Burris, Jr., Intl. Church of The Foursquare Gospel, USA),
Gordon McDonald (representing Rick Ciaramitaro, Windsor Christian Fellowship, Canada),
Daniel de León (Templo Calvario, USA),
Chady El Aouad (Abundant Life Church and Ministries, Lebanon),
Ingolf Ellssel (Pentecostal European Fellowship, Germany), Claudio Freidzon (King of Kings Church, Argentina),
Jonas Gonzalez (Enlace TV, USA),
Mart Green (Oral Roberts University Board of Trustees, USA), Prince Guneratnam (Calvary Church, Malaysia),
Wayne Hilsden (King of Kings Community Jerusalem, Jerusalem),
Al Hollingsworth (BOSS Global, Inc., USA),
Cindy Jacobs (Generals International, USA),
Dennis Lindsay (Christ For The Nations, USA), Ron Luce (Teen Mania, USA),
Niko Njotorahardjo (Gereja Bethel Indonesia, Indonesia),
Bob Canton (representing Oreste Pesare, Intl. Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services, Vatican City),
Samuel Rodriguez (National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, USA),
Vinson Synan (Regent University, USA),
Matthew Thomas (Central India Outreach, India) and
David Wells (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, Canada). Absent because of weather conditions were
Raymond Culpepper and
Alton Garrison.

The Canadians who comprise denominational and independent faith groups are using classic revival and inside language which has been part of the movement since it’s inception. As you can see from the list above,

NAR (New Apostolic Reformation/neo-charismatic) leaders are no longer on the sidelines and are included in this organizational leadership push.

Here is what the Canadian leadership have to say:

Billy Wilson, Executive Director for the International Center for Spiritual Renewal and Empowered21 and Chair of the E21 USA cabinet, said, “Empowered21 Canada is an exciting initiative to connect Pentecostal and Charismatic leaders across the nation together for the future.

Some of the purposes of Empowered21 Canada will be to unite the Spirit-filled movement across Canada in an intergenerational gathering for the purpose of seeking a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the 21st Century.

They also desire to provide a platform for addressing the critical issues facing the Spirit-empowered church in Canada in the 21st Century and discover contemporary methods, vocabulary and ministry grace needed for engaging new generations in Spirit-empowered living.

They will focus on the energy and resources of the Spirit-empowered Canadian church, on the harvest and challenges before them with a desire to witness greater convergence and collaboration of Spirit-empowered ministries across Canada.

Now you ask the question –
I can now see that the NAR Movement is a False Doctrine,
What is the True Gospel?
for your answer
Read this Article with confirmation from the Bible.

The True Gospel


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