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JoAnne Ramsay is the Founder and President of Speak the Word Ministries (STWM).

Pastor Jo accepted Jesus as Lord of her life in June 1993 in Hampton, VA. She said she knew immediately that her life would never be the same again having accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

God called her into the ministry in 1994. She knew in her spirit that she had been called, though at that time she did not know in what area He would use her. She felt that it would be in one of 3 areas – a nursing home, hospital or a prison ministry.

In 1995 she began to step out after two years of intense study and time with the Lord. During this time she evangelized in some local churches and the Lord began to place in her spirit that her calling was going to be a prison and jail ministry. He impressed on her that He wanted her to teach His Word and to speak for those who were not able to speak for themselves.

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