The Porthole of the Freemasons into The Mighty Men

In a few days time , Christian Men and their Sons from the Western Cape will be flocking like birds to the Annual Mighty Men Western Cape Conference and this is not a Good thing for Christianity. WHY NOT?

Since May of 2018, The Holy Spirit was Prompting TruLight Radio XM to investigate strange activities around Uncle Angus Buchan and his Mighty Men Movement and the more stones we tossed into that Bush , the more dogs jumped out, but it was the dog with a sword in the mouth that jumped like a cat on a hot tin roof that drew our attention.

In our Investigation we found the root of this infiltration that the Holy Spirit wanted us to find.

The infiltration of the False Doctrine of the New Age Apostolic Reformation Movement NAR Movement into the South African Church and even more into our dear beloved Uncle Angus Buchan of Shalom Trust and His Mighty Men Movement.

Please read the Background Articles into our Journey of Discovery!

Uncle Angus sitting at the Round Table ?

The False Doctrine of the New Apostolic Reformation Movement NAR

Uncle Angus and the NAR Movement

What is the Pentecostal Church going to do about the Angus Buchan Dilemma ?

It’s Time to Repent for Attending the It’s Time

What is the Pentecostal Church going to do about the Angus Buchan Dilemma ?

But the Dog with the Sword was the latest prompting from the Holy Spirit that we are acting on now. The Porthole that was Opened by Uncle Angus and His Mighty Men Movement for a invasion from the Illuminati Freemason Cult into this Large Christian Group called the Mighty Men Conferences in SA.

A Freemason Knights Templar and Knights of Malta invasion via the NAR Movement into the Hearts of South African Christian Men and their Sons and even Families.

After we Posted our latest Article . Called the

The False Doctrine of The NAR Movement in South Africa

The Principal of the Western Cape Mighty Men contacted us, and wanted to find out what we knew and from what direction we are coming in so blatantly exposing the Mighty Men with this False Doctrine called the NAR Movement.

After he mentioned that he was saved from an involvement into the Freemasons. Alarm Bells started ringing .This made the Holy Spirit to shine His Spot Light on The Mighty Men Western Cape for Investigation.

And this is what we found.

We firstly looked at their website and their Logo and it reeked of the Illuminati and Freemasonry involvement.

The Logo is in the form of a All Seeing Eye = the Illuminati All seeing Eye. The sun in Table Mount represents the Morning Sun , that we all know Lucifer calls himself , The Flames around the eye looks like the Eye Whimpers and have 4 goats heads in the 4 directions around the eye.

Isa 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

In the Advertising this group uses, they have Uncle Angus pointing to the All Seeing Eye and the Morning Sun within the Eye and in the Decorations of the Advert they have 3 Pyramids with all seeing eyes on the Top.

The past few years the MMC Camps was hosted on Moreson farm just outside Malmesbury. This also not by default , This Farm name was selected for this Invasion. “Moreson” translated in English “MorningSun”

The Mighty Men in SA has been opening their Platforms for the past few years to the Preachers , Teachers and supporters of the False Doctrine called the NAR Movement . Dr.Errol Niadoo as TruLight calls him “Mr. NAR Movement Promoter” Closed the 2017 Program with a sermon at the MMC Western Cape branch. several other NAR Promoters shared the Pulpit on the MMC Nationwide in the Past and even booked for future sermons and conferences.

The Principal Pair , Husband and Wife team that directs this Mighty Men Western Cape division with the blessing and support of Uncle Angus is , James McGowan also known as Pipey or Piper James and his wife Ina Murison McGowan also known as “Mighty Ma” .

More on James “Pipey” McGowan

James “Piper James” served in The Queen of England’s Free Mason Knights Templar Army and plays the Scottish Bag pipe with distinction.

Uncle Angus being from Scottish Birth was drawn to this Husband and Wife team like a moth to a flame.

More on Ina Murison McGowan . Ina is a Direct Great Descendant of Sir James William Murison, Judge of the British High Court, Zanzibar a Templar Knight the later Templar settling of the 1300’s of Scotland. Born in a Family of Free Mason Knights Templar’s.

” Mighty Ma’ (Ina Murison-McGowan) accepted a certificate of appreciation from Unashamedly Ethical, (UE) also a proud supporter of the NAR Movement of SA.

James and Ina is also the designers and sellers of the Mighty Men Tartan .
Could this be the New division of the Free Mason Knights Templar Clan called the Mighty Men Movement Clan ?

The Knights Templar Mighty Men Sword

This Illuminati Free Mason Knights Templar invasion into the Mighty Men Movement is clear as day light and offer nothing good to the Christians flocking to the Mighty Men camps nationally and satan’s oldest trick in the book. Satanic Priest comes to the church and say , I am saved please let me speak to your youth , and wala the Next generation of the church is satanists.

This is a Templar Knight behind a Modern day Knight Templar pulpit on The Mighty Men Clan of the Knights Templar from Scotland under the Queen of England platform

Mighty Men of SA be careful. That all we will say.

2019 Update

Angus Buchan’s Mighty Men planting Free Mason Knights Templar Flag with Knights Templar Sword onto Mountain in Capetown Watch Video

Let the Holy Spirit speak to you on this one!


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