Apostle Theo Wolmarans from CFC International

TruLight Radio News.

Please note that from the 4th of May 2018 TruLight Radio XM will not be broadcasting any Sermons and Teachings from Pastor / Doctor / Apostle Theo Wolmarans or any Apostle of the Christian Family Church – CFC anymore.

In the Past we broadcasted sermons and Teachings from this Church Group founded in South Africa on a Regular Basis. But it come to our attention that This Mega Church recently joined the Ranks of The NAR = The False Doctrine of the New Apostolic Reformation Movement.

So we truly regret that we need to exclude this Church Group from our Broadcast list. We pray and Hope that the Members of this church Group open their spiritual eyes and ears and see the truth before it is too late.
We have Friends and Supporters that are members of this Group and it is with a bleeding Heart that we need to action this.

The New Apostolic reformation Movement is not a Biblical Based Group and is a sub division of the Occult based in the Illuminati and the Freemasons via the Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta.

TruLight Radio XM will try our Best to keep our Broadcast Free of False Doctrine and we will clean-up ranks regularly, as the Holy Spirit points it out to us.